Robyn Berry

director of MC2

Robyn has completed two years of her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), and is currently completing the remainder of her BA in Psychology at Arizona State University. Upon graduation, Robyn would like to continue working for and growing with Beljan Psychological Services, LLC and Motor Cognition2®.

Robyn has completed training in: Motor Cognition2® The Lindamood-Bell ® Program, including: The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing ® Program for Reading, Spelling, and Speech (LiPS®) Seeing Stars®: Symbol Imagery for Phonological and Orthographic Processing in Reading and Spelling (SITM) Lindamood-Bell® Visualizing and Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking® (V/V®).

Robyn specializes in the administration of therapeutic programs targeting executive function skills and learning disorders. Over the last three years, Robyn has incorporated her training in MC2®, and Lindamood-Bell® in her work with children and adolescents with various learning disorders. She greatly enjoys the special challenges of helping these children develop greater self-esteem in overcoming their education hurdles.

Before joining Beljan Psychological Services, Robyn was employed as Operations Manager at Berry-Shino Securities, Inc., beginning in 2009. She continued her employment at Berry-Shino Securities until recently, when she became more involved in the development and management of the Motor Cognition2® program. Robyn played competitive soccer for ten years, so she likes to stay active by hiking and riding her bike, or getting a lively game of sand volleyball going with her friends. However, her favorite sport is beating her younger brother at smash ball during the family trips to the beach.