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Our Marriage & Family Therapist, Casey Heinsch, has created and published several free videos to help you make it through the pandemic with your wits intact! Topics include parenting anxiety, structure, progressive muscle relaxation, among others.


Marriage & Family Therapist, Casey Heinsch, explores the issues related to self-quarantined families, in particular keeping things structured for your children. How structured should children be during this time? Casey tackles these issues and more.

Parenting Anxiety

Marriage & Family Therapist, Casey Heinsch, introduces you to ways parents can manage the stress of self-quarantine. Many parents experience stress and anxiety surrounding the need to take of care their children and handle constant stress at home. Casey teaches parents about "parenting shame" and helps parents to overcome excessive stress during this excessively stressful pandemic.

Connection & Bonding

Marriage & Family Therapist, Casey Heinsch, teaches parents how to engage families when children do not want to participate in family activities. Casey explores the issues related to self-quarantine and provides mindfulness-based practical strategies for connecting and bonding to your children despite living in close quarters.


Marriage & Family Therapist, Casey Heinsch, explores the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to the choices that parents and families make regarding how to proceed with difficult choices. Casey suggests, "reflect on your core values."

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Marriage & Family Therapist, Casey Heinsch, explains the usefulness of progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) in decreasing stress and anxiety. Casey guides you through a practice PMR session, and teaches you how to implement such techniques in your own home and with your family.

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If you love Casey's videos and would like more, we are currently selling longer and more in-depth videos to patients and anyone interested. Please contact our office manager, Charity, to get more information.

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Unearthing the Missed Diagnosis

The ‘discrepancy model’ of learning disability will be dispelled in favor of understanding the brain basis of learning disabilities.

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Executive Functioning In Children Who Are Gifted

This session focuses on the brain basis of attention and executive functioning, specifically as it pertains to children who are gifted. Gifted children represent a disproportional amount of children identified with ADHD which is as widely misdiagnosed as it is misunderstood and mistreated.

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Autism: The Light At the End of the Tunnel

Autism is a particularly difficult experience invariably fraught with the whole spectrum of human emotions.  Autism is a tunnel – quite a long one at that. How can we as clinicians and parents of children with Autism life a happy, full and successful life despite the inseparable difficulties of Autism? The solution is up to each one of us in our own unique way. Let us all aim to enjoy life despite the tunnel.

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